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Audition - Gordy

Gordy is a chill cat with a voice that’s a little sinister sounding, though never threatening. Posh is a good choice. The cat from Coraline, as a vocal reference. Or Fart from Rick and Morty (the Goodbye Moonmen guy).

Stick with whatever's in your range, and get weird with it. It's comedy. 

ThatKiwiGuy · Auditions - Gordy
    1. Why are you so miserable, Amy? (can be curious or more of an examination) 
    2. Never feel bad about being an asshole. (he says this after slapping Amy. Chastising her aggressively.)
    3. People judge me for being a cat. They look at me and see a fire breathing demon but deep down I know I am much cuter than that. If I listened every time the police made me feel bad for being who I am, I’d be in jail.