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Auditions - Bpfasshi Dark Jedi Master

A practitioner of the dark side of the Force, this Dark Jedi, a member of the Bpfasshi species, leads a cult that aims to seize power throughout their system. When the Jedi arrive to stop them, this master refuses to surrender his power without a fight.

His voice should sound old and sinister, in a similar sense as Palpatine. The Bpfasshi master appears in the comic Heart of Darkness, and has 6 lines.

ThatKiwiGuy ยท Auditions - Bpfasshi Dark Jedi Master
  1. "I think not. There are always more to be turned. Perhaps you."
  2. "A Jedi?! You are but a child- small and weak, full of fear and anger."
  3. "Fear not, little one. Give in to the dark side, and I will show you what true power is."