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Auditions - Count Lucio

Count Lucio used to rule Vesuvia with his wife, Nadia until he was murdered three years before the start of the game. Allegedly he was burned alive in his bed by Julian Devorak, on the night of the masquerade – a city wide birthday celebration he threw himself. Now he haunts the palace, but he is not out for revenge.

When he was alive, Lucio was a fair skinned man with blonde hair and pale eyes. His eyebrows existed in a strange shape and are naturally blonde, although he dyes them black. He dressed richly with furs, gold medals, sleek-heeled boots and love cut shirt and jacket. He has an enchanted, golden prosthetic in place of his left arm, with gold amour plating that can be removed. The arm has veins of light between the pieces and joints, which are white in official artwork but red during the plague. Currently Lucio appears as a phantom, one armed goat man. He has silky white fur and tall, twisting horns. He also has hands with long, knobby fingers and black claws, rather than hooves. His left arm ends just below the shoulder, capped by a thick scar. This appearance closely resembles his depiction in the Feast painting, although in the painting he has both arms and is clothed.

Lucio is frequently described as High-Class Trash by the Devs. He is vain, volatile, and selfish, and denies things he disagrees with. His actions range from throwing an artist in the dungeons over artistic disagreements (the artist refused to paint breasts on a bird lady), to setting people on fire for insulting him. It has also been strongly implied he rips people’s hearts out, and used magic for racketeering. However, he was never abusive in any of his relationships, so that’s something. He still has no standards though. He exaggerates his suffering, loudly and dramatically, to wring sympathy out of anyone unfortunate enough to hear him. He also loves animals, and has a fondness for magic despite his lack of skill.

Accent: The developers have confirmed that Count Lucio has a Jersey accent. Though it is preferred, it is not required to audition for this character

Voice: Medium or mid-high range, sneaky, sly, manipulative, slightly seductive, rough

ThatKiwiGuy · Auditions - Count Lucio
  1. Nothing like the real thing... seeing, unable to feel... Such sweet torture... (Slightly cocky, longing, as if in a dream)
  2. No one in the history of the entire world has ever suffered as much as I am suffering right now. (Dramatic, annoyed, frustrated)
  3. Now, this specimen of a man, clad in this beautiful gold, wrapped in these beautiful, beautiful furs... HE ... was somebody... (Slightly sad, slightly disheartened, in a dream state, longing)