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Auditions - Biran and Yenke

Two Voice Actors will be chosen from the Biran and Yenke Dialog. Biran and Yenke are both extremely childish, treating Kimahri like trash. Consider this to be the same as a student at elementary school that likes to bully someone else. I'm looking for a subtle growl in the voice on these characters.

ThatKiwiGuy ยท Auditions - Biran and Yenke
  1. "Leave Kimahri, Yenke. Kimahri is small Ronso. Kimahri so small can't see Yenke and Biran's faces."
  2. "Hornless! Hornless!" (Bully, Playful, Childish)
  3. "Kimahri forget Ronso friends? We taught you much at time of horn-molt! Biran taught Kimahri to be strong Ronso."