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Auditions - Eddie Checkmate

Eddie Checkmate: The first ever world champion and the face of the CWA. The self processed “Measuring Stick” of the CAW League of Nations. Eddie Checkmate strives (and usually succeeds) to be the gold standard of what a main-eventer should be. Eddie Checkmate talks, walks, and acts with confidence, will work until his last breath to get whatever he wants and never backs off from a fight. He is big-hearted, level-headed, and a bit too serious for his own good sometimes. In his defense, his two best friends Robert Squared and Lodestar Luminous are a couple of idiots. Eddie is a big brother/father figure to many of the younger talent of CWA and acts as its locker room leader, guiding them and showing just how good they can be.

ThatKiwiGuy · Auditions - Eddie Checkmate
  1. I don’t believe I’ve introduced myself to you. I’m the Measuring Stick of the CLON (pronounced klon). I’m the frontier of CWA and its first World Champion. I’m the Samoan Success Story and I’m the Unconquered King of CAW. But you can just call me… Eddie Checkmate BAYBAY!
  2. I don’t know about you, but having an asterisk near my victories in the history books is NOT an option.
  3. Sometimes, even the strongest wills need a helping hand to get out of those pits they fall in. I only had the sounds of my cousin Robert calling out to me to drive me to climb myself out of there.  Now I’m gonna make sure that nobody has to go through what I did… EVER again.