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ViewSkew - COVID19 Trading Hours

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Will ViewSkew Trade During Lockdown?

Yes. We will always be available. Please get in touch via the contact form. The incoming requests will be monitored 24/7.

Can you visit our site?

Yes. We have acquired an exemption from the Ministry of Business, with a classification as an Essential Business. However, where possible, we should avoid this situation. Remote access is preferable. If this is not possible, it is likely a fee will be added for visiting hazardous environments.

How will you remain safe on a site visit?

Things we know for certain are that the virus is likely to enter either through the mouth or eyes. PPE’s (personal protective equipment) is a good idea. A facemask, safety glasses and gloves. We also know that the virus is susceptible to soap, but not hand sanitizer. Frequent washing of hands is also a good idea.

Social distancing is a good method to decrease transfer or infection between people, so a 2 meter personal boundary is ideal.