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What are you able to do?

A lot of what I do is cross platform. This means the skills apply to Windows; Linux and in some cases Unix; MacOSX and Android. My skills being transferrable, also means that it takes less time for me to research and learn new methods and skills in the same fields for different platforms.

Cross Platform

  • PC and Server Administration
  • Basic Scripting (BASH/sh; Batch)
  • Amazon AWS Image Development and Deployment
  • (Reverse)Proxy setup and Administration
  • Web Server Setup (Apache; Lighttpd; NGINX)
  • MySQL; MSSQL; PostgreSQL Server Setup
  • SSL Certificate Installation and Configuration
  • PC and Server Building

Linux Specific

  • Server Security Setup
  • Simple Source Code Editing; Testing and Bug Reporting (Python; PHP; HTML and others)
  • Installation, and configuration
  • Service Setup and Administration
  • Background Services Configuration
  • Setup of Development Environments
  • Backup and Offsite Storage Administration
  • Docker Administration and Configuration
  • Mail Server Setup (Postfix; Dovecot and others)
  • Web Applications Installation and Configuration
  • VoIP/Asterisk Installation and Configuration
  • DNS Server, with IPv4(6) DHCP and VLAN Setup
  • QoS and Prioritized Traffic Setup
  • Speed Tweaking

Windows Specific

  • Installation, and configuration
  • Service Setup and Administration
  • Background Services Configuration
  • Backup and Offsite Storage Administration
  • Microsoft Office Deployment; Installation and Configuration
  • Microsoft Office Licensing Configuration
  • DNS Monitoring and Security
  • Antivirus and Firewall Installation and Configuration
  • Video Capture and Editing
  • Music Licencing
  • Basic Web Development
  • Basic Radio Broadcasting and Standards
  • Seminar Setup and Hosting
  • Tutorial Creation and Technical Documentation
  • Staff Training
  • 1 on 1 Teaching
  • Basic Electronics Repair
  • Basic 3D Modelling
  • 3D FDM Printer Setup and Configuration
  • Wholesale Purchasing; Partnerships and Acquisitions
  • Team Management
  • Skills Based Assessment and Hiring
  • Budget Management
  • Basic Single Entry Accounting
  • Simple Statistics Analysis
  • Simple Forecasting and Projecting
  • Project Design and Management