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Well… I’ve been working my ass off trying to move forward with this blog. Big changes on the home front with all the preparations for Fibre Internet. Of course the vast majority of changes are put on hold now, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But the work continues… one of the joys of being socially isolated anyway.

The upgrades have gone well so far.

  • New 12U Open Server Rack (finally!)
  • New Rack Mount 4U Server Case
    • Ryzen 5 2600 CPU, 6 Cores/12 Threads
    • 16GB (4x8GB) RAM
    • 500GB Samsung EVO Plus NVMe
    • 420W ATX Power Supply
    • 2x LG DVD Writers
  • New 16 Port Gigabit Ethernet SMC Managed Switch
  • Old 16 Port Gigabit Ethernet TP-Link Unmanaged Switch

In terms of software, I’m sticking with my “go to” distro, Ubuntu Server 18.04. Still not a fan of netplan, and have a bit of difficulty getting my head around it, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.

Using Ubuntu as the base OS, I’ve already got docker installed and running. It’s running a lot smoother than I anticipated, having had far fewer errors and road bumps than I had on my previous setup. I suppose the experience of the previous server prepared me well for this go around.

Traefik is my reverse proxy, with Cloudflare in front playing the part of my DDoS mitigation.

I’ve recently come across a new application that may appeal to those data hoarders like me, called Tdarr. It’s a transcoder that runs in Docker, but not just a simple input/output application - It has user defined logic that can be used to actually make decisions about which media to encode; repair, or leave alone. It also has the ability to check your media files, and look for potential errors or corruptions.

Have a look at it here - nb. beware, it is still in beta

If like me, you’re constantly running out of disk space, then give it a go. It’s saved me almost a Terabyte over the last month. Well worth it.

Another one I’m running is Gitea where I can keep all of my scripts, and other projects. It makes for a great intermediary between Hugo and NGINX behind Traefik.

One of the joys of Git, is that there are clients for it on practically every platform out there. This means, I can write something for my blog, no matter what machine I want to use. I can write from anywhere, on any OS, with any number of different apps. And because Hugo uses Markdown, it makes the process of writing an article so much easier with just a normal keyboard. No need for special characters etc.

I’ve also managed to install Pi-Hole and have already noticed a small, but marked decrease in my internet traffic. Who knew online advertising would consume so much data?

Finally, Nextcloud. This is one of my daily drivers. It’s where I backup all of my pictures and documents. The tin foil hat paranoid schitzo voice in my head refuses to trust the likes of Microsoft; Google; Amazon and Facebook. The general rule of thumb is “If you’re not paying for the service, then you are the product”.

Privacy is a right, use it.