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Voice Acting - Pricing Table


  • IVR/Phone/Hold/Voice Mail - $0.60 per word - 320 Word Minimum
  • Non-Broadcast - $110 per minute
  • Internet Only - $110 per minute
  • Audio Book - $800 per hour (negotiable if including royalties of no less than 50%)
  • Podcast Opening/Closing - $75 each
  • Movie Promo - $750 per 30 seconds
  • Narration - $47 per minute - 10 Minute Minimum
  • Radio/TV Dry Liners - $20 each
  • Radio/TV Promo - $440 per 1 hour session

nb. Any extra sound effects; music; mixing and editing is charged at a standard hourly rate of $75 per hour, plus expenses (purchasing of licences etc)

For Business Enquiries

I welcome any enquiries, please get in touch using the contact us page

Open Source Projects

I am more than happy to freely lend my voice to Open Source projects.  I believe they are very important to me, and technology in general.

I consider Open Source projects to be completely open code.  No hidden; obscured or truncated code.  No binary blobs; no pre-compiled firmware; no DRM. If the code cannot be compiled and run wholly by a 3rd party, then it does not qualify for any free work.

Non-Profit Projects

Offering free work for non-profit projects is also important to me.  But there are a couple of caveats. 

Non-Profit projects are just that - Not For Profit.  Any project asking for my services, while claiming to be non-profit, will either have to provide proof of status, or be known to me personally.

YouTubers' Projects

I'm more than willing to help out a few YouTubers if asked.  My only request is that if you use my voice, please gain my permission BEFORE you monetise the video.  

To date, I have not denied any YouTuber the right to broadcast my voice - A link back to my page would be very much appreciated though :)

For Private Enquiries

You can use the same contact us page, but please title the message with "Open Source" or "Non-Profit" along with the project details.